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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Cornelius Near Lake Norman

Don’t let wisdom tooth complications destroy your smile.

Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common dental care treatments performed in the United States. Few people are able to maintain healthy wisdom teeth and avoid complications caused by these “third molars,” and extraction can ensure that future problems don’t pop up. Even when wisdom teeth completely erupt, they can be difficult to care for and experience chronic infections. These infections can be very serious health threats. For many, however, the teeth never properly erupt, and these impacted wisdom teeth can damage your smile. Welborne, White, & Schmidt Dentistry in Cornelius, NC offers wisdom tooth extraction to help our patients experience optimal lifelong oral health and comfort.

The dentists at our Cornelius dental practice near Lake Norman have extensive experience with removal of impacted and partially erupted wisdom teeth. We carefully evaluate each patient’s wisdom teeth in terms of angle of growth, gum health, extent of impaction, amount of decay, and likelihood of future complications, then give an honest assessment of whether the teeth need to be extracted or not.

If extraction is the recommended course of treatment, we offer a number of options for anesthesia and sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide and IV sedation, to ensure patients are completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

We will provide you with thorough instructions on post-extraction care. However, recovery from wisdom tooth extraction generally goes quickly and without complication if you follow our instructions.

If you would like the dentists at our Lake Norman area dental office to examine your wisdom teeth or those of your child or teenager, contact our Cornelius, NC dental office for an appointment. We serve Mooresville, Huntersville, and Davidson. We will take great care to make sure that your wisdom teeth extraction is as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.