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TMJ Therapy in Cornelius in the Lake Norman Area Near Huntersville

If you’re experiencing chronic headaches, jaw pain, or neck pain, consider TMJ therapy from Welborne, White, & Schmidt Dentistry.

The caring and experienced dentists at Welborne, White, & Schmidt Dentistry can provide relief for patients suffering from TMJ disorder. Throughout the United States, thousands of people endure this painful condition. TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder can cause jaw tension and pain, clicking the jaw, pain in the face and neck, headaches, and hearing difficulties. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. With TMJ therapy, we can reverse the symptoms and alleviate the pain.

TMJ therapy seeks to treat this problem by restoring balance to the muscles, teeth, and joints that make up the “bite,” or the angle at which the upper and lower teeth meet. Treatment may involve reshaping the teeth to create proper balance or the use of specialized splints worn in the mouth. Other options include orthodontics or tooth restoration.

For patients who grind or clench their teeth at night, we may recommend a custom made nightguard as part of your TMJ therapy. Grinding and clenching can put a serious amount of pressure on your teeth, and this can do immense damage. A nightguard will alleviate the pressure and protect your teeth from breaking, chipping, cracking, and even eventually falling out.

A splint holds your lower mandible in the proper position, alleviating strain on your TMJ. This is one way to change the position of your bite without orthodontics. Using a splint for TMJ therapy can help restore balance and optimal function to your jaw, relieving pain by encouraging optimal occlusion.

Stress and anxiety are some of the top factors in TMJ disorder, and our recommendations for your TMJ therapy may include lifestyle modifications. Taking time to distress can help relieve the tension in your jaw. Oftentimes, when people are stressed or anxious, they hold their lower jaw in an odd position, which exacerbates TMJ disorder. Stress and anxiety also contribute to nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. TMJ therapy can include recommendations to get regular exercise, time to relax, and nutritional changes to improve emotional balance.

If you suffer from pain and clenching in your jaw or other TMJ disorder symptoms, it could be that your bite is out of alignment. The dentists at Welborne, White, & Schmidt’s convenient Cornelius dental office serve the Lake Norman area, evaluating your bite to find out the root cause of the problem. For patients from Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville, and Lake Norman area, Welborne, White, & Schmidt Dentistry offer treatment for a variety of oral health problems. To learn more about TMJ therapy and occlusion treatment, contact our office today.