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Restorative Dentistry in Cornelius Serving Lake Norman and Huntersville

We bring beauty and strength together at Welborne, White, & Schmidt Dentistry.

At Welborne, White, & Schmidt Dentistry in Cornelius, North Carolina, we offer a variety of ways to repair your smile when disease and damage have threatened your oral health. Restorative dentistry borrows from the techniques of cosmetic dentistry, using natural-looking materials and repairing smiles for beauty as well as function. We use CEREC crowns, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain bridges, and dental implants to rebuild smiles that have been tarnished by oral health problems and missing teeth.

Our restorative dentistry services include:

Tooth-Colored Fillings

It used to be that dentists could only repair cavities with unsightly metal fillings. Not anymore. Today, our dentists can repair cavities and decay with modern, tooth-colored fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are composed of durable composite resins or plastics that are molded into place during your visit, then bonded securely to the tooth. These long-lasting fillings are strong and look completely natural. They’re also mercury free, which is good news for those interested in long-term health. For patients in the Lake Norman area who want the best that restorative dentistry has to offer, tooth-colored fillings are a great alternative to silver amalgam fillings.

Fixed Bridges

Restorative dentistry includes tooth replacement for those who’ve lost teeth. While we offer dental implants, sometimes implants are not an option. For those who prefer, we also offer fixed dental bridges. Fixed bridges can fill in gaps with natural-looking artificial teeth. Dental bridges are semi-permanent, meaning that only a dentist can remove them, and are generally supported on either side by crowns or dental implants. Dental bridges are an excellent way to restore full function and aesthetic balance to your smile.

When you need restorative dentistry, turn to Welborne, White, & Schmidt Dentistry in Cornelius, NC. Contact us to learn more about the various treatments and options for your smile. Whether you’re from Mooresville, Huntersville, Davidson, or other nearby Lake Norman communities, you can count on Welborne, White, & Schmidt Dentistry for complete dental care and a healthy smile.